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Book cover for Indicators of Research-Practice Partnership Health and Effectiveness

Indicators of Research-Practice Partnership Health and Effectiveness

This updated framework is the result of almost five years of collaborative inquiry and co-design with the broader RPP community, supported by funding from the William T. Grant Foundation. Revisions to the original framework are based on analysis of survey and interview data from 65 RPPs as well as multiple discussion-based convenings of RPP partners. The conceptualization of the original Five Dimensions is revised to reflect the evolving field, an explicit emphasis on the role of equity and power dynamics with RPPs, and the new definition of RPPs. The revised framework and accompanying tools are designed to help partnerships reflect on their joint goals, consider possible next actions, and foster improvement within their partnerships in ways that will fuel educational change and the transformation of systems more broadly.

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Systems For Instructional Improvement


In Systems for Instructional Improvement, Paul Cobb, Kara Jackson, Erin Henrick, Tom Smith, and the MIST team draw on their extensive research to propose a series of specific, empirically grounded recommendations that together constitute a theory of action for advancing instruction at scale. The authors outline the elements of a coherent instructional system; describe productive practices for school leaders in supporting teachers’ growth; and discuss the role of district leaders in developing school-level capacity for instructional improvement.

Five Dimension framework for Indicators of RPP Health and Effectiveness.


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